For the modern-day girl who brightens up the world like a starburst, lives on the corner of heart and hustle, has her head in the clouds and her feet on the ground, has a penchant for fashion, praises patterns & her pooches, mixes her own (super dope) beat, rocks a top-knot and graphic tee, is always ready to shake it like a polaroid, and knows how to get stuff done her way...

idieh design empowers you to OWN YOUR STORY. LIVE YOUR STYLE.

Interested in carrying the idieh design brand in your shop? From boutiques to gift stores to just all-around girly shops, idieh design brings a license to leave your grind behind. Our gifts, paper goodies and desk accessories will spunk up your shop and feel like a fist-bump to the heart.

Ready to collaborate and get this party started? Tell us a little about your shop & email us at shop@idiehdesign.com with subject: WHOLESALE. 

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